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About Us

Local and Global Impact

ID Creative NC has been a dream for almost 30 years. The dream of having our own screen printing shop became a reality in 2018. Our dream is two-fold. First, we desire to help our clients outfit their business or organization with the highest quality apparel and promotional products. Second, through our profits, we support various local and global nonprofit organizations. Our support is most often monetary, but at times we donate our screen printed products as well. The goal is to give away a minimum 10% of our profits every year.

Why the name ID Creative NC? “ID” for two reasons. One, ID is short for identification. Your business or nonprofit ID is important to us. Two, ID stands for Imago Dei the Latin phrase for Image of God. We believe that all humanity has been created in God’s image. “Creative” because as image bearers of God, we believe that all people are ALL creative. “NC” because we’re located in North Carolina. Really, the domain name IDCREATIVE.com was already taken, but it’s for sale for $11,695! If anyone would like to purchase it for us, we’ll gladly drop the NC from our name.

Your Brand or Design on T-Shirts, Bags & More.

When you order from ID Creative NC, you support a local small business and you help us support nonprofits locally and globally.